USB Type-C Smart Phone Solution

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For the smart phone applications, Pericom worked closely with major smart phone chip vendors to provide Configuration Channel Sense controller, very low loss multiplexer for USB 3.1 Gen 1 integrated with CC sense and VCONN switch. In addition, Pericom provides USB2.0 switches for enabling debug interface thru USB Type C connector.

Type-C Solution "likely be the defacto connector on tablets and smartphones in the near future..."

Check out the blog in Electronic Design Magazine by William Wong

Additional Type-C Solutions:


● TVS: DT1140, DT1240

● CC sense-control /mux: PI5USB30213, PI5USB30216A, PI5USB30216B, PI3DBS12212A

● D+/- switch: PI3USB103 (USB2-UART), PI3USB223 (audio)