USB Type-C Docking Station Solution

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For docking with USB Type C interfaces, Pericom provides very low loss crossbar switches to support USB3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) and 4 channels of Display Port 1.2 (5.4Gbps). In addition, Pericom provides Display port switches, USB3.1 Gen 1 and Display Port DP1.2 Redrivers and Transient voltage suppressors. Power switches to enable charging thru Vbus will be provided shortly.

Type-C Solution "likely be the defacto connector on tablets and smartphones in the near future..."

Check out the blog in Electronic Design Magazine by William Wong

Additional Type-C Solutions:


● TVS: DT1140, DT1240

● Type-C Crossbar switch: PI3USB30532

● DP switch: PI3WVR31310A (auto HPD detect)

● DP ReDriver: PI3EQXDP1201/ PI3DPX1203

● USB 3.0 ReDriver: PI3EQX7741AI (3.3V)

● USB Charger controller: PI5USB2546A